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About Us

Opening our doors in August 2023 Gay on Wye is a pioneering LGBTQ+ bookstore that is set to become a vibrant hub for the community and allies alike. Our unique establishment is dedicated to celebrating the richness and diversity of LGBTQ+ literature, providing a safe and welcoming space for readers of all backgrounds.

At Gay on Wye, inclusivity is at the forefront of our mission. We strive to create a warm, accepting environment where everyone feels comfortable exploring and discussing LGBTQ+ narratives. Our passionate staff are here to provide personalized recommendations, foster meaningful conversations, and connect readers with stories that reflect their identities.

Beyond being a bookstore, Gay on Wye aims to be a vital part of the community. Regular author readings, book clubs, workshops, and discussion panels will offer opportunities for engagement, education, and empowerment. By collaborating with local LGBTQ+ organizations, we aspire to become a catalyst for positive growth and representation.

Our Vision

Gay on Wye was founded by Thomas Owen, a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and literature. "Our bookstore is more than just a commercial venture; it's a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community's history, struggles, and achievements. I hope Gay on Wye becomes a place where people find stories that resonate with them and, in turn, foster a greater understanding and acceptance in society.”

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